About Me

Hello there

I’m Carol, owner of All Sorted.
So, a little bit about me.
I’ve a background in Teaching (organising teenagers and managing my planning and marking workloads) and Operations (scheduling, resourcing, organising 40 instructors to be at the right place at the right time with the right equipment).
Even when I gave up work to have children, I couldn’t keep away and joined the NCT (as Chair, and organised 2 Pregnancy and Baby fairs) and then the school PTA (again as Chair, and organising the Christmas fairs, Summer fairs and many other events.)
I have been a childminder so I understand what it is like to run my own successful business, and to deal with regulatory bodies such as Ofsted and the additional requirements this can mean for a business.
Now I am putting my ninja organisational skills to good use, and enjoy helping small companies thrive and grow. My aim is to make your life easier…by tackling your to-do list.
When I’m not working hard at my desk, I like planning adventures, trying new crafts and having fun with the Girl Guide unit I help run.