So, you know you are really – truly – very – ultra busy. But how do you know when hiring a Virtual Assistant might help?
Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

• Your business is growing – and it’s too much for one person, but not enough for another full- time member of staff.

• You spend your evenings and weekends catching up on paperwork.

• You are afraid of going on holiday, and if you do manage to get away you can never switch off.

• You have more than 100 emails in your inbox

• You are afraid to open your post.

• You’ve misplaced important documents, more than once. And finding anything is a real mission.

• You are not getting the repeat business you’d expect – as you have no time to follow up on past customers, or you’ve been so busy you know there have been a few customer service hiccups.

• Your social media management is sporadic

• Your paperwork pile has snow on the lower slopes.

• You’ve lost money as you’ve delayed invoicing for so long due to lost paperwork or just being too busy, and now so much time has gone by that you don’t feel you can bill them now.

• You often feel overwhelmed with the things you need to get done each day.

• You spend your time fire-fighting and reacting, not planning and proactive.

• You feel like your business is running you, not you are running your business.

If any of these resonate, you will find using a VA in your business will make a huge difference.

I love using my ninja organisational skills to help support small businesses.

I can carry out a free assessment, then take on the tasks we have agreed to free up your time.
I can help you create clarity and calm, whilst helping your business get organised to thrive.

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