It can be hard to ask for help. Especially for those of us who run our own businesses, and are used to being in total control. It’s all too easy to slip into the mindset that if we don’t do everything ourselves then it means we are not capable, not committed, and not good enough.

But in this way lies madness.

Here’s why is the smart thing to outsource and get help;

1. Avoid Burn out

Yes, you can burn the candle at both ends, and in the early days its exhilarating to be super busy and working all hours. But it is not sustainable longer term.
No matter how much you love your business, and you are passionate about the clients you help, trying to be “on “ all the time will just lead to burn out. This can manifest mentally and physically. Running your own business is hard work, but it should also bring you joy. Presumably you chose your business as it’s something you are good at and love to do. Nothing beats that feeling of being in the flow, when you are focused and productive and using your skills. But that flow state gets harder to achieve the more depleted you are. You need to recharge regularly. You get less productive the further you get from your last break .
You know you need to take a break, but the tasks on your to do list still need doing. It makes sense to outsource the jobs that don’t need your expert input; the repetitive tasks, those you don’t enjoy and those where the time input does not equal the results.

2. Get Clarity
If you work for yourself, you need to wear many hats at work. You are the CEO, the finance manager, the sales team, marketing, the admin team and then you actually have to deliver the service you offer to your clients.
In the busyness of the working week, when deadlines loom and new clients need to be found, it tends to be the long planning and goal setting that gets left behind as you firefight to get through the week. As the business owner, you need to be able to step back, to adjust the direction your business is going, to make informed choices rather than falling into a pattern of defaulting to the easiest or quickest option. You need to make time to work on your business, not just in your business. But when things are busy you can be so worried about remembering everything and keeping all your juggling tasks in your head that you can’t switch off and look at bigger picture.
By outsourcing the tasks that take up mental chatter, you free up the mental space to look objectively at your business , to reflect and plan where you want to go next. You can be proactive , not reactive.

3. Continued growth
We all crave more time in the day, but despite all your research, productivity tips will only get you so far. As your business grows, you get to a natural point where one person just cannot do it all. You either need a clone, or to get outside support such as a VA.
You may decide that you just want to keep your business at a size sustainable by one person’s efforts. And that is fine if you don’t mind turning down work and the associated income. But if you plan to grow, you will need to outsource before crunch time. You can’t step up to that next level without creating space, in time, and mind set for it to happen. Employing a good VA will not only help you gain more time in your week, but you will also gain a business supporter, someone who wants your business to not only survive but to thrive, just as you do.

Successful outsourcing is about mindset and good communication, and with the right outside help and support, your business can grow whilst your sanity, productivity and vision are restored.

If you could choose to outsource just one task, guilt free, to make your life easier, what would it be?