So, you are feeling overwhelmed and know that you could do with an extra pair of hands in your business. Hiring a Virtual Assistant could be the answer to your admin overload, but how do you decide what to delegate to them?

Different VA’s have different skills and specialities, but before you start looking, you need to have an idea what you will need help with.

First you need to step back from your business and ask yourself some questions.
Can you list the 3 main income generating activities in your business? What do you do that actually brings in the money?
Now list the 3 main activities that you spend the most time on in your typical working week.
Do those lists match?

There will be certain things that only you, with your unique skills and experience and personality should be doing within your business. You should be the one in main contact with your customers, and you should be doing, or managing those vital income generating activities.

And the other time consuming tasks? Yes, you could probably do your paperwork yourself, but by delegating it, you free up your time to concentrate on your key business tasks. We all are given the same number of hours to use each day. For every task that you do just because you are able to do, it takes time away from the more strategic tasks you could be investing your time and energies on.

The list of activities you can delegate to a VA will be;
– repetitive tasks.
– those where the time taken does not equal their importance or impact.
– tasks that you don’t enjoy doing.
– tasks that don’t play to your strengths.
– tasks that are not in your skills set.

It can also be helpful to start by outsourcing tasks that you know well. It is easier to delegate tasks when you know how to do them, can explain clearly how you want them done and know the expected results and how long a task should take.

Once you have an idea of what you need help with, you can start to find a VA with those skills.
When you hire a Virtual assistant, you only pay for the hours that you need. Some VA’s will complete specific tasks each week for a set fee. Others will provide admin support for a certain number of hours per month, and you can assign them different tasks as you need them. Decide what will work best for you, and suggest a trail period.

I’m all about creating relationships and understanding your business, so I can support you to grow your business and reclaim those hours for you to concentrate on your income generating activities.

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